6 Petals | 5 Best Places to Visit in Your Lifetime
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5 Best Places to Visit in Your Lifetime

Tianzi Mountains

5 Best Places to Visit in Your Lifetime

There are a lot of beautiful places across the globe that the human foot is yet to explore. The favorite spot of tourism might differ from one person to the other. But certain places will take everyone by astonishment irrespective of what your liking towards nature is. There are some places that you should definitely see at any cost. Here we have listed 5 such places. With no further delay let’s get to explore the list.

Salar de Uyuni

Salar de Uyuni:

Spread across a land area that is more than a 10000 sq.km it is known as the largest mirror in the world. Salar is nothing more than a large floor of salt deposits. It is the largest land area with salt deposits which makes it unique. The salt deposits are so crystal clear that they reflect the sky anything above it. So the tourists feel like they are walking on the sky. Now you know why it is called the largest mirror in the world. Salar de Uyuni is located in Bolivia.

Tianzi Mountains:

Tianzi Mountains is a land area with series of mountains located in China. The early inhabitants considered the mountain religious. But as per information from recent sources, currently there are no inhabitants, and the place is taken over by the Chinese government. The first thought that would cross your mind when you look at these mountains is the Pandora Mountainscape from the movie ‘Avatar.’ In fact, Tianzi Mountains were the point of inspiration. You are luckier if you get to see the aerial view of these mountains. Amidst the cloud bank, they look like they are hovering, floating in mid-air.

Hidden Beach, Mexico:

The facts behind the formation of this Hidden Beach are much more stunning than the place itself. The place has become a tourist spot only during the recent years. Earlier the spot was used as a target practice for bomb blasts by the Mexican Government. During one of those sessions, a giant bomb blast resulted in the birth of this tourist spot. The visitors will have to swim through a tunnel-like structure to get to the beach.

Bamboo forest:

The Bamboo forest is located in Kyoto, Japan. It is referred to as the most beautiful groves on earth. The liking that we have towards places like this proves that we are still cavemen downright and we are very much associated with nature. A walk through the bamboo forests will amaze you and will bring back the peace of mind that you have lost.

Naica Mine:

Naica Mine is better known as the cave of crystal. Brushing aside the historical facts, do you remember the fortress of solitude that you get to see in the Superman movie? This is one real-life cave that looks exactly like the Kryptonian’s cave. So if you ever get a chance to visit Mexico, never forget to visit the Naica mine.

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